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local power supply systems, electric network, aggregator, multiagent system, active consumer, optimization, Smart Grid, Microgrid


On the basis of the analysis of foreign literary sources, their classification according to the main tasks of modernization of local power systems according to the provisions of the concept of Smart Grid has been performed. A brief description of the development of local power systems with the presence of dispersed generation and active consumers as well as the consequences of their interaction with the central grid system is given. The role of the active consumer as an entity of the electric power system, which is capable by its actions to significantly affect its state, is considered. The methods of construction of local electric power systems and features of their functioning are investigated. The possibilities of introduction of the results of development of local electric power systems from the point of view of their management, circuit decisions, optimization of energy processes and mutual influence of elements of electric networks in the conditions of Ukraine are analyzed. The models of market processes in the local liberalized electricity markets and the mechanism of auctioning in the electricity market are presented. The role of the aggregator as the subject of the local energy market and its possibilities in managing the demand for energy resources is disclosed, and optimal solutions are proposed for the modernization of energy processes at various hierarchical levels of the electric system. From the point of view of end user management, the four-layer structure of interaction of electricity consumers with elements of the power grid at social, information and technological levels is considered. The principle of reactive power compensation is presented in order to increase the reliability of the network and indicators of electric power quality. The principles of construction of multi-agent control systems, its advantages in comparison with other systems of intellectual control of power processes, possibilities and architecture of construction are considered.


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