Intelligent Electricity Communities, intelligent electricity network, intelligent electricity technologies, energy smart community, IES operator, renewable energy sources, consumer, aggregator


Indicators are important tools both in identifying strategic development goals and in planning the Intelligent Electricity Communities (IES) network infrastructure. The main purpose of Smart Grid implementation is to significantly improve the standard of living of people using the system data. The development of smart technologies in the electricity sector is aimed at reducing the use of fuel resources and improving the energy efficiency of electrical equipment used in the generation, distribution and transmission of electricity. The development of intelligent systems is based on the use of renewable energy sources, as they are an alternative power source for the consumer. Analyzing the performance of existing systems, with a clear understanding of all the shortcomings and modeling of new systems based on the data obtained, is a key method for implementing smart systems in the energy sector. The article deals with the current state of the energy system and the possibility of introducing a modern structural model of building an electricity grid using renewable energy sources. The need to create an ESC operator to improve the interaction of active consumers with the grid is considered. The analysis of the interaction of different entities of the grid creates energy associations based on Smart Grid. The urgency of considering this issue is the strategy of Ukraine to increase the share of renewable energy sources and the need for modernization, automation of the unified energy system of Ukraine (UES of Ukraine).

Author Biography

S. Denysiuk

Dr. Eng. Sc., Prof


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