Formation of components of smart platform for the management of power systems and networks




Smart Grid, power systems, power grids, intelligent control, decentralized power management systems, power distribution control systems.


Features of implementation of the Smart Grid concept in modern energy systems and networks with consideration of modern energy drivers, in particular, Internet energy, Internet of things, dispersed generation, development of customer services and aggregators of demand and supply for electricity, are considered. The basic components of the development of the electric power industry have been evaluated taking into account the requirements of energy transition, digitalization of the economy, in particular, business applications and information and communication systems. The elements of the modern technology platform Smart Grid are given. An assessment of the peculiarities of the formation of an intelligent platform for the management of energy systems and electric networks for individual energy companies is given.
Features of construction of the Distributed Energy Management System (DEMS) are considered in detail. Features of DEMS are analyzed on the example of DEMS by Siemens. The planning and management functions of DEMS are considered. It is shown that DEMS controls provide control and monitoring of the power of all power generators, storage equipment, and flexible demand, as well as the ability to control to maintain a consistent electricity exchange profile.
The basic functions of the Distribution Management System (DMS) are presented. The control systems developed by Oracle, ETAP and Schneider Electric have been analyzed as components of the customer-oriented power distribution management platform. Here is a description of the individual ETAP ADMS modules and the basic SE ADMS features developed by ETAP and Schneider Electric, respectively.


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