dispersed generation, local power systems, Microgrid, power storage, energy processes


The structure of local electric power systems with sources of Dispersed Generation is considered. The main models of these systems are presented. A detailed classification of the generation unit of local power systems with sources of scattered generation is presented, which contains the main characteristics of generators. Different types of means of electricity storage and features of their application are analyzed. The main types of storage devices that contain devices for storing electricity using capacitors and supercapacitors, devices for mechanical energy storage, devices for storing chemical energy, storage devices for thermal energy are identified. Energy processes in electric power systems with distributed generation sources and electric energy storage devices are carefully analyzed by estimating the values and signs of exchange capacities in the intersections of these systems. Among the above processes: non-sinusoidal modes in the intersections of local power systems and frequency deviations in sinusoidal and non-sinusoidal modes of operation. To optimize energy processes in these systems, a method of visual display of technical and economic indicators is proposed, which allows a comprehensive assessment of systems with distributed generation sources and different types of electrical energy storage and processes in them. Taking into account the peculiarities of the structure and functioning of systems with sources of dispersed generation, such criteria as the economic component of the cost of system elements, its availability in the specified region, environmental friendliness and service life are selected. To combine technical and economic criteria, it is proposed to use their graphical representation.


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