utomated system of electricity metering, automated system of commercial electricity metering, reliability, communication channel, information protocol, data exchange, modernization, accuracy, economic indicators


The materials of the article are an overview of modern technologies of automatic electricity metering in the unified power system of Ukraine. The article considers the structure of the local level of electricity metering of NEC UKRENERGO - the most important and most numerous components of ASEM, the operation of which largely depends on the reliability of the system as a whole. At all Ukrenergo substations, local-level ASEM are built according to a single standard scheme. The main devices used for the implementation of electricity metering are presented. Brief information on operating systems (OS) installed on servers and applied database management systems (DBMS) is given. The use of the local layer of the server in the structure of ASEM is due to the fact that at the time of work on the creation of ASEM and currently the data network from the aircraft to ASEM regional level does not fully meet the requirements for data rate and reliability. It is analyzed that in addition to the consumption of ASEM performs the function of controlling the quality of electricity and the impact of quality on power losses. The accuracy of available meters and the impact of measurement accuracy on the economic effect obtained from the introduction of technology are analyzed. The algorithm of the cluster system operation is highlighted. An overview of the main problems of implementation of communication channels, selection of devices, modernization of existing systems. The advantages and disadvantages of accounting systems based on "Fault tolerant" technology are shown. The article also covers various types of data collection systems (DCS), both modern and outdated, which are currently used in the unified energy system of Ukraine and which are planned to be implemented in the future.The results of the study showed that the modernization and increase of reliability of new systems of automatic electricity metering is important for the UES of Ukraine. It also shows a number of actions to improve reliability and uptime for ASEM as a whole.


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