Peculiarities of estimation of total energy losses in electric networks and estimation of nature of electricity consumption in local power supply systems (LES) are given. The structure of additional electricity losses in LES in the presence of higher harmonics of current and voltage is carried out, the generalized schedule of instantaneous functions of current i(t), voltage u(t), and power p(t) on components. The offered indicators of an estimation of the performance of criterion of a minimum of losses of the electric power in LES allow to estimate levels of distortion of power processes at consideration both exchange processes, and at the analysis of additional losses of the electric power. The accuracy of measuring the integrated characteristics of energy exchange depending on the available levels of distortion of voltage and current signals is considered. It is shown that in order to take into account the influence of higher harmonics on the total power consumption, it is necessary to determine the change of Frize QFpower as an indicator of additional electricity losses in the presence of non-sinusoidal currents and voltages in at different ratios between the value of current and voltage of the first and higher harmonics. The evaluation of the efficiency of power consumption regulation using the Frize QF power at an arbitrary time interval, as well as the corresponding current distribution into active and reactive components are considered. The peculiarities of increasing the efficiency of power consumption regulation in LES at the cyclic change of generator parameters and load are analysed.


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