oil production, complex model, well repair, energy efficiency


Developed a complex mathematical model of the electromechanical system of oil production by means of the submerged centrifugal pump. Received an expression of the complex criterion of efficiency of system taking into account stages of extraction and repair of a well, as a ratio of volume of extracted oil to the consumed energy during a cycle of the analysis of processes. Mathematical model of the system: asynchronous motor - pump - hydraulic network is implemented in the simulation system and provides a study of the relationship between the amount of energy consumed and the efficiency of the system - the volume of oil produced. The developed complex mathematical model provides optimization researches taking into account nonlinear properties of components of system, their mutual influence. The initial information in determining the design parameters of the model components is the power of the induction motor of the pump, the geodetic height of the oil, the maximum efficiency of the pump, as well as for the point of maximum power of the pump operating range: engine load, hydraulic efficiency of the well and pipeline. The pressure characteristic of the pump is approximated at points of limits of the working range. Approximation of the pressure characteristic and efficiency of the pump is carried out taking into account changes of sizes of giving and speed of rotation. According to the simulation results, recommendations for improving energy efficiency using means of minimizing hydraulic losses in the process of well repair: optimization studies of the dependence of the change in the value of the energy efficiency coefficient as a function of production period while varying the duration of the repair period. For the example studied, increasing the repair time by 2.5 times reduces the overall energy efficiency of oil production by 20%. Also, energy efficiency decreases by 5% by reducing the extraction period from the optimal by 35% and by increasing by 65%.


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