Smart Grid, power systems, power grids, intelligent control, information and communication technologies, power distribution control systems.


Modern power system technologies offer the integration of renewable energy in electricity grids, intelligent metering, bidirectional communication between power generation units and the central control system for energy production and consumption, prevention of power outages, sustainable and safe energy sources, and energy security. Moreover, the modern energy system requires control, measurement and cybersecurity of energy processes at every point of the grid.

The infrastructure of the national networks of many countries is very old and includes classic technologies of production, transmission and distribution of electricity. In addition, the controllability and managebility of these systems are also unsatisfactory. On the other hand, Smart Grid technologies include sophisticated tools to monitor and control the power system in both directions from power plants to end users or vice versa so that vulnerabilities can be identified in advance and the necessary measures taken. In addition, the smart grid system offers monitoring and management of electricity from production to the end user, as well as provides smart accounting, integration of renewable energy into the grid. Morover, the efficient use of energy sources with minimal losses and minimal illegal use is also addressed in smart grid technology. This article highlights the impact of smart grid technologies on national power grids and offers some useful suggestions for transforming their classic power grid system into a Smart Grid grid system.

Transforming the classic network into an intelligent one fills its own business areas and provides increased efficiency, loss reduction, flexible price for consumers, safe and stable electricity, as well as reliable and digital infrastructure.

As a result, building a Smart Grid is a complex task, starting with a detailed quantification of system requirements, determining the actual goals and the levels of operation needed to achieve them. This research will be an effective and efficient tool for researchers, engineers, transmitter operators and distributors to transform the classical national energy system into an intelligent energy system.


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