SmartGrid, energy generation system, dynamic billing, smart meter, microcontroller, calculation device.


In order to implement flexible dynamic billing, consumers need to be able to respond dynamically, which is determined by constantly monitoring the impact of feedback between the supplier and consumers of electricity on changes in the values ​​of load parameters. Smart sensor technologies allow a unified power supply system to supply electricity more efficiently through dynamic analysis of supply and demand. It is proposed to implement the task of tracking the electricity consumed by each user in order to comply with the conditions of macroeconomic equilibrium and dynamic optimization of the pricing mechanism for electricity using the concept of smart meters.

The aim of the study is to develop a system for flexible dynamic determination of the cost of the basic part of electricity for each generator in the local isolated SmartGrid. If the volume of generated energy deviates from a certain level set for a given time interval, a new calculation of the new tariff value per basic part of electricity must be performed every second. Each consumer is connected to a meter, which registers the change in the amount of electricity received in a dynamic mode. The meter contains a built-in microprocessor and is equipped with a radio module for registration and data exchange with a summarizing microcontroller, which performs the functions of calculating the total amount of electricity consumed. As well as part of the electricity supplied by a particular generator. To calculate the cost of basic part of electricity for each generator in the power system and the total cost of electricity generated every second by all generators, the using of a third microcontroller with built-in microprocessor and radio module is proposed. As a result, the simulation of the proposed device on the example of a system with one generator demonstrated its adequate operation in accordance with the theoretical provisions.


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