words: energy efficiency, energy consumption, system, management, energy resources, funds, losses, savings


The current state of energy efficiency in the consumption of various types of energy carriers in various branches of the economy of Ukraine is analyzed. During the analysis, the factors affecting the reduction of energy consumption of higher education institutions were identified, using the example of the National University of Bioresources and Nature Management of Ukraine. Among the main ones that require research, we can single out, first of all, insufficient attention to the issues of energy efficiency promotion, outdated equipment and low qualification of service personnel.

According to the results of the research, the priority directions for reducing heat loss are determined and the heating system is studied by improving the thermophysical characteristics of the enclosing structures of buildings, the introduction of thermal screens for radiators, and finally, the development and implementation of automated systems. for registration and control of the flow of coolant to heating stations.

Recommendations have been developed to improve the quality of energy supply, energy saving and energy efficiency in NUBiP of Ukraine, which will contribute to increasing the efficiency of production activities of enterprises where up to 30% of energy resources are lost due to wear and tear of operating equipment


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