Smart Grid, power supply, energy efficiency, energy systems, renewable energy sources, intelligent meters.


The article examines development trends of the energy complex of Ukraine, possibility and prospects of creating a modern energy complex through the use of an innovative technical base for energy management in accordance with the Smart Grid concept. The general properties of Smart Grid technology and its main advantages are given by authors. It is shown that within the framework of the Smart Grid concept, the intelligent electric power system is considered as a single network of information and control systems. The process of electric power industry modernization in the direction of the creation of "smart" power supply networks in a number of European countries, which aims to ensure stable development, economic growth, growth of living standards and protection of the natural environment, is considered. The paper describes modernization methods of the electric power complex of Ukraine based on foreign experience. It is shown that from the point of view of energy security and sustainable development, Smart Grid is able to ensure the operation of the power grid even in case of damage or destruction of one segment, which is a key advantage during post-war reconstruction. They will also make it possible to effectively integrate renewable generation and energy storage systems into the grid, as well as provide auxiliary services for forecasting the power system operation. The paper analyzes the problematic issues of implementing the Smart Grid concept in Ukraine. They include the lack of technological solutions and methods that provide an effective algorithm for determining the state of power networks cyber security; large length of power distribution networks and insufficiently developed infrastructure. A comparative description of the existing energy systems functional properties and energy systems based on the Smart Grid concept is presented in general. An analysis of possible ways of electric power industry development was carried out, which showed the presence of serious limitations of electric power industry development within the framework of the former concept, based mainly on the improvement of certain types of equipment and technologies. It is shown that Ukraine is at the initial familiarization and formation stage of the first organizational initiatives for Smart Grid, namely the implementation of the government-approved Concept of the "smart grids" introduction in Ukraine for the period up to 2035. The purpose and expected results of this Concept implementation are considered.


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