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In Ukraine, as in most countries of the world, preservation of the natural qualities of surface and underground water resources is one of the difficult to solve problems. Groundwater pollution is carried out spontaneously and as a result of organized emissions on the surface of territories and into underground cavities. Contaminated areas of territories around mineral deposits, industrial facilities, as well as masses of pollutants, are growing. In terms of scale, it is necessary to single out groundwater pollution as a result of ore extraction and placement of rocks in dumps, as the most harmful for agricultural lands and surface water bodies. Calculating the amount of compensation for damages caused by contamination of groundwater with harmful substances requires further official adjustments, taking into account the factor of public ownership of natural resources in general.

Therefore, it is necessary that the following situations are officially taken into account in the normative legal acts of local authorities: underground waters and their environment belong to objects of public property, therefore, in the methods of determining and calculating  the ecological consequences of pollution of underground waters and their underground environment, it is necessary to provide that damages must be studied and assessed from the point of view of damage to public property; polluted underground  waters and their underground environment are located locally on the territories of territorial Starostov districts, which represent the people of Ukraine; in accordance with clause 1, when calculating the amount of compensation for pollution, it is generally necessary to determine the losses for the population of these districts and the amounts of  charges and payments to them; local authorities need to organize compensation processes, monitor their implementation and effectiveness.

The definition of an environmental tax does not correspond to the definition of the concept of a tax as an unconditional payment to the budget, since in its essence it is a punishment for the discharge of polluted substances into water bodies and ecological pollution of water resources.


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