• Anatolii Ihorovych Zamulko Національний технічний університет України «Київський політехнічний інститут імені Ігоря Сікорського», Ukraine
  • Yuliia Valentynivna Chernetska Національний технічний університет України «Київський політехнічний інститут імені Ігоря Сікорського», Ukraine



electrical energy, distribution system, distribution system operator, incentive regulation, benchmarking, DEA, SFA, StoNED, reference network, Smart Grid


The paper deals with the experience of European countries with liberalized electricity markets in the tariff regulation for electricity distribution services and in applying the benchmarking methods for analysis of the efficiency of distribution system operators (DSO). Selection of the countries was done on the base of the size of an operational area and market concentration that is a number of separated DSOs. Particular attention was given to regulation incentives for DSOs concerning their investments into technologies that are necessary for building the intelligent power systems (Smart Grids). Methods of determining the individual efficiency requirements for DSOs were considered in details: econometric methods (DEA, SFA, StoNED) and reference network methods; advantages and use patterns of each method were noticed. On the basis of the investigations, some suggestions were made for the regulator of the electricity market in Ukraine about opportunities to apply the benchmarking methods for analyzing the efficiency of DSOs.


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