renewable energy sources, ice, icicle, heat air for ventilation, heat of crystallization, icicles formation, freezing ice rate.


The paper describes the results of research of icicles formation and growth on wire nozzles when water is sprinkling with a striking on a hard surface and (or) use a nozzle for spraying water at ambient temperatures of outside air -3 ... -7 °C. The studies were carried out on wires with a diameter of 3 mm and 0.5 mm with a distance between the nozzles of 10 mm and 29 mm, respectively. Dependences of the ice mass calculating, assigned to one meter of the nozzle and the temperature difference in 1 °C on time, were obtained. The icicles growth process on horizontal nozzles in time has been studied. Values of the growth rate were obtained: in the direction of the radius was 0.3 mm per 1 °C and the elongation rate was about 1 mm per hour at an ambient temperature of -5 °C. The maximum length of icicles depends on the distance between the nozzles. The free section for air flowing is blocked by ice after a while, and the water supply to the icicles is blocked. The required distances between the parallel nozzles are calculated for different air temperatures. Distances between the parallel nozzles have to be extended for increasing section for air flowing if water crystallization heat is used for ventilation systems or heat pumps.

The average thermal power of the installation with wire horizontal nozzles, which can be used to heat the air by the heat of water crystallization, has been determined. The average thermal power increases over time, which is associated with increasing heat exchange surface and part of the formed ice from the water that has fallen on the surface of the packing. For the first 30 min. of work, the average value of the share of formed ice is 8%. After 7 hours. work, up to 28% of the water falling on the nozzles turns into ice. From 1 to 4 kW of average thermal power can be got at air temperatures of –5…-10 ° С of the area from 1 m2 of ​​the nozzles. The specified air heater does not require significant investment, consumes a minimum amount of electricity, does not require human labor to remove the finished product, and can be mechanized and automated. To increase the number of nozzles without the growth of adjacent rows, it is proposed to place the nozzles in a checkerboard pattern


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