computer systems, mining processes, efficiency, cooling, automated equipment selection system


With the development of the cryptocurrency market, the need for automated support for mining hardware is growing. At present, there are practically no flexible systems for selecting equipment to fully meet the complex needs of providing complex features of mining processes, and software has not been developed that could take into account all the features of cryptocurrency developers. The purpose of this work is to develop the principles and algorithm for solving the problem of organizing the provision and selection of the necessary equipment for complex and powerful computing systems in the form of an automated system for the procurement and supply of the main computing and additional related equipment, organizing its installation, monitoring the conditions and characteristics of operation and subsequent output out of operation after the resource has been depleted or in order to increase the computational characteristics of mining farms and their cooling systems. Modern powerful computing systems are a huge amount of interconnected diverse equipment, located at different sites and interacting with each other by high-speed neural connections. The success of creating such complexes depends on the level of training of a team of specialists, which must have comprehensive and deep knowledge on the issues of building the engineering infrastructure of a computing complex, reasonable equipment with the necessary equipment, calculating the maximum energy load and providing such objects with a cooling system for computing elements and the system as a whole. Computing power is realized with the help of Data-centers, mining farms with more than 5000 computing modules. The problem of ensuring the quality of power supply of mining farms, a high level of efficiency in the use of power sources, protecting expensive equipment from overheating while ensuring high computing performance is very relevant, it requires constant attention and the use of special equipment and technologies. The developed system described in this paper relates to the management and optimization of resources of large computing centers, namely, to the organization of mass purchases of equipment, its installation and effective maintenance during operation, ensuring the efficient operation of cooling systems and the decommissioning of mining farms after completion. their work. This system allows users to create their own equipment catalogs in the form of models and then effectively organize the planning and management of devices in the form of an abstract model that consolidates all devices. Such a model is easy to control, find and perform actions on related objects, scale and make changes as needed. On the practical side, this developed product is simple in terms of the graphical interface and does not require much time for staff training and use in practice.


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